Greta Van Fleet’s Jake Kiszka Affirms Evolution Beyond Zeppelin Comparisons

by Patria

Greta Van Fleet’s guitarist, Jake Kiszka, asserts that the band has transcended comparisons to legendary rock outfit Led Zeppelin. While acknowledging the undeniable influence of Zeppelin, particularly guitarist Jimmy Page, Kiszka contends that the band has carved out its own distinctive sound, exemplified in their latest track, ‘Starcatcher.’

In an interview with Guitarist magazine, Kiszka shared insights into his meticulous study of guitar greats, citing Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix alongside Jimmy Page. Describing the process as a type of philosophical exploration, he explained, “It’s like a psychological character study, if you will. Page was one of those guys where if I was playing a Zeppelin track, I would walk through exactly what his thought process was when he was putting that song together.”

When asked about meeting his idol, Page, Kiszka recounted a near encounter in a Los Angeles hotel, where they missed each other by mere minutes. Despite the near-miss, Kiszka’s admiration for Page remains evident.

Addressing persistent comparisons, Kiszka reflected on the band’s early days, acknowledging the initial observations of a Zeppelin-esque quality in their sound. He noted, “I’m sure every rock ‘n’ roll band gets that reference a lot.” However, he emphasized the evolution of their musical identity, stating, “Time goes on, you get a bit older, there’s an evolution in what you’re doing, and with ‘Starcatcher,’ it definitely sounds like Greta Van Fleet, no doubt about that.”

As Greta Van Fleet continues to evolve, ‘Starcatcher’ stands as a testament to their distinctive musical journey, signaling a departure from the shadow of comparisons and solidifying their unique place in the rock music landscape.

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