Ariana Grande’s Upcoming Single Draws Madonna Inspiration

by Patria

Pop sensation Ariana Grande, aged 30, is gearing up for a highly-anticipated return to the music scene with her forthcoming single, ‘Yes, And?’. The track, announced by the award-winning artist on social media, is reported to bear significant influence from iconic pop figure Madonna, particularly drawing inspiration from Madonna’s chart-topping 1990 hit ‘Vogue’.

According to The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column, ‘Vogue’ serves as a major reference point for Ariana Grande in the creation of ‘Yes, And?’. This influence is not unprecedented, as Ariana openly expressed her admiration for Madonna during her Honeymoon tour in 2015, where she covered ‘Vogue’. The two artists also shared the stage during Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour.

Ariana Grande has frequently acknowledged Madonna’s impact on the music industry, praising the pop icon’s enduring success. In an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Ariana emphasized Madonna’s unwavering passion for music, stating, “After everything she has accomplished, reshaping pop music and setting the bar higher and higher, I feel like she does it as she is still hungry and still loves it.”

Expressing resonance with Madonna’s attitude, Ariana noted, “She has done what she needs to do – there are no more awards and hits she needs. She does it as she loves it, and that resonates with me.”

The pop star recently confirmed the release date for ‘Yes, And?’ on her social media platforms, with the single set to drop on Friday (12.01.24). Ariana Grande’s return to the music scene follows her last studio album, ‘Positions,’ released in 2020. As anticipation builds, fans can expect an exciting blend of Ariana’s signature style infused with the influence of the iconic Madonna in her upcoming musical endeavor.

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