Kasabian Teases Potential Collaboration with Sam Fender

by Patria

Indie rock band Kasabian has dropped hints about a possible future collaboration with the acclaimed artist Sam Fender. The meeting between the two musical forces occurred backstage at the TRNSMT festival in Scotland, where the members of Kasabian expressed their admiration for the 29-year-old “Getting Started” rocker.

Frontman Sergio Pizzorno, 43, shared the excitement of their encounter with The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column, stating, “We hung out with him [Sam], and it was wild because he’s amazing. What he’s done so quickly, he’s the real deal. Him and his guitarist were going, ‘Man, that first album [2004’s self-titled]!’. And I was like, ‘I’m a fan of yours!’”

When questioned about the prospect of a collaboration, Pizzorno added, “One day we hope to figure that out.”

Sam Fender’s brother, Liam, previously humorously remarked that if the siblings formed a band together, they would “make the Gallagher brothers look like Jedward.” Acknowledging their stubborn nature, Liam, the 38-year-old “Seventeen Going Under” hitmaker, highlighted that despite occasional collaborations, forming a band has never been in their plans due to their deep involvement in individual projects and the artistic battles that might arise.

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