Salt-N-Pepa’s Enduring Partnership: A “Marriage” of Friendship and Success

by Patria

The iconic duo of Cheryl ‘Salt’ James and Sandra ‘Pepa’ Denton, collectively known as Salt-N-Pepa, has not only created a lasting musical legacy but has also maintained a profound friendship likened to a marriage. With a partnership dating back to 1985, the duo shared insights into the secrets of their enduring relationship.

In an interview with Us Weekly magazine, Salt emphasized the importance of giving each other space, acknowledging the challenges of spending extensive time together. She likened their bond to a marriage, stating, “We’re with each other more than we are with our own families, so it’s important to give each other space. Sometimes we sleep in the bed together, and sometimes Pep sleeps on the couch.”

Reflecting on their illustrious career, Pepa highlighted a significant milestone – winning a Grammy Award in 1995. This achievement held particular significance for the duo, considering their boycott of the Grammy Awards in 1989 to protest the lack of televised recognition for hip-hop. Pepa remarked, “Winning the Grammy in 1995 felt good. We boycotted the Grammy in 1989 because we’d been nominated but hip-hop was never televised. We were really fighting for our music to be visual and seen.”

Despite facing challenges in a male-dominated hip-hop genre, Salt-N-Pepa proudly asserted their place in the industry. Pepa expressed frustration at being overlooked despite outselling male counterparts. “It was very hard knowing that we were charting so hard and more than the male rappers but still wasn’t getting that respect or the acknowledgment that we deserved,” she shared. “We were skipped over when someone was selling [as much as us] so it was frustrating and that hurt. But we kept going.”

Salt-N-Pepa’s journey is not only a testament to their musical prowess but also a celebration of enduring friendship and resilience in the face of industry challenges.

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