Charli XCX and Fiancé George Daniel Collaborate on Upcoming Music Project

by Patria

In an exclusive revelation on the Spout podcast, pop sensation Charli XCX has announced a forthcoming musical collaboration with her fiancé, George Daniel, who is the drummer for The 1975.

During the podcast interview, the “Boys” singer shared insights into their creative partnership, expressing enthusiasm for the unique dynamic of working with her life partner. Charli disclosed, “We’ve done a couple of things together. We’ve got a few ideas in the works. It’s funny, I have never been in a relationship with someone that I’ve worked with, so it’s like a whole new dynamic, but it’s cool.”

Charli further confirmed that listeners can anticipate the release of at least a couple of songs co-produced by Daniel, stating, “There will probably be a couple of songs that he’s worked on with me.”

The engagement between Charli XCX and George Daniel was made public in November, marking a romantic union that originated when both artists featured on No Rome’s 2021 hit, “Spinning.” Their relationship blossomed in 2022.

Reflecting on her experience in the studio with Daniel and his bandmate Matty Healy, Charli highlighted the distinctive nature of their creative process compared to her own. She observed, “They take a lot of time when they are making a record, and generally in the past, I have been very fast. That used to be part of my process, this spontaneous, instinctual thing.”

Adapting to the collaborative environment, she continued, “Being around them, I have definitely adapted to the idea of sitting on songs, re-working things, playing them to friends, going back and forth and just living with the songs a bit more, so that is one way that my process has been perfected.”

In a candid moment during the interview, Charli XCX confessed to finding the process of providing feedback on other musicians’ work to be “stressful.” She likened it to carrying a burden, stating, “It is so stressful having another pop star’s music on your phone. It’s like walking around with a bomb in your bag. It is so stressful.”

Fans eagerly await the outcome of this unique collaboration, as Charli XCX and George Daniel bring their personal and professional worlds together in the creation of new musical endeavors.

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