1998 compilation album The Masterplan reissued by Oasis

by Patria

Oasis are on the verge of a re-release of their 1998 B-sides album ‘The Masterplan’.

Definitely Maybe” (1994), “(What?s The Story) Morning Glory” (1995) and “Be Here Now” (1997).

For the first time ever, the songs will be available as a complete collection with newly remastered audio.

Formats include CD, cream cassette and limited edition double vinyl in heavyweight silver, green and black, marble and black.

The B-sides include Noel’s solo acoustic track ‘Talk Tonight’, plus the likes of ‘Acquiesce’, ‘Stay Young’, ‘Listen Up’, ‘Going Nowhere’, ‘Fade Away’, ‘Rockin’ Chair’ and the title track, the latter of which ex-guitarist and chief songwriter Noel, 56, has often admitted was far too good to be released as a B-side first.

Coincidentally, it’s a song that doesn’t feature his nemesis sibling and the group’s former frontman Liam, 50, or bassist Paul ‘Guigsy’ McGuigan, 52, and Noel plays the bass himself.

In an interview with Music Week in 2020, Noel recalled: “The singles had to have three B-sides and I was always two songs short. I remember writing The Masterplan at home in Camden and then going to Maison Rouge [Studios] in Fulham the next day and playing it on an acoustic guitar to silence it. I’d write The Masterplan or Talk Tonight or Half The World Away and nobody would say, ‘Do you want to hold that back? It was only over the years that I realized it was crazy. But we were all crazy in the ’90s – Alan McGee was out of his mind and he was running the label.

The Masterplan” was a B-side to their timeless classic “Wonderwall”.

Despite not being released as a single, the B-sides of ‘The Masterplan’ have been hailed as some of the group’s best songs.

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