Bugzy Malone in the aftermath of a horrific quad bike crash: ‘I was really feeling pretty insecure about my position in the game as a rapper and as a person.

by Patria

A horrific quad bike crash has left Bugzy Malone without confidence in his rap and identity.

The 32-year-old star, whose real name is Aaron Davies, was riding the bike in Bury, Greater Manchester, in 2020 when it crashed into an Audi, leaving him bleeding in his brain.

Police released a statement confirming the injuries were “not believed to be life-threatening”.

However, Bugzy later revealed: “I was knocked unconscious and suffered serious injuries.

He returned the following year with his second studio album, ‘The Resurrection’, but he wasn’t happy with how the record turned out because he felt “really quite insecure”.

However, he has since regained his confidence and is proud of the new music he’s releasing.

He told The Sun’s Bizarre column: “The Resurrection is not that good. I was really quite insecure about my position in the game as a rapper and as a person.

“I put a lot of my identity into being a guy who could take care of himself, so when I got shredded, I didn’t know how to react. It took me a while to get my confidence back. But now I’m doing something serious.

Bugzy feels lucky to be alive and preaches the importance of staying “positive” and focusing on “doing better”.

He explained: “You get people who haven’t become positive yet or understand the effect of positivity in life, that’s why I talk about being inspired, it’s a mindset.

“Because I’ve done well for myself, people think I’m superhuman, but I’m not. I just try to focus on doing better than what I’ve done before.”

Bugyz had written on Instagram at the time, alongside a series of snaps from the incident and one of him in his hospital bed with multiple cuts and stitches on his face: “They’re telling me I’m lucky to be alive, but even though I sustained serious injuries at the time I lost consciousness so I don’t remember much, what I do remember is the never ending love, and I just want to say thank you for all the well wishes and prayers, you all surprised me with all the support!

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