Lainey Wilson Releases Romantic Anthem “4x4xU” Ahead of Album Launch

by Barbara
Lainey Wilson

Country music artist Lainey Wilson has unveiled her latest single, “4x4xU,” a heartfelt love song co-written with Jon Decious and Aaron Raitiere. The track, featured on her upcoming fifth album “Whirlwind,” captures the essence of finding solace and joy with a loved one, no matter where life’s journey leads.

“In a 4x4xU, babe / From the bayou to Kentucky / City to the country / From here to Timbuktu / Boy, after a long day / Ya know there ain’t no wrong way / To drive my crazy crazy / In a 4x4xU,” Wilson croons in the chorus, expressing the sentiment of comfort and companionship.

Wilson expressed her excitement about the song’s release, emphasizing its theme of finding a soulmate who brings a sense of home wherever they go together. “I’m so excited for everyone to finally have their hands on ‘4x4xU.’ This song is about finding that someone that gives you the comfort and peace of home anywhere in the world as long as you’re by their side,” Wilson shared with the press.

The song’s music video, directed by Dano Cerny and following the storyline from “Hang Tight Honey,” features Wilson and her on-screen love interest enjoying moments together in a nostalgic Ford truck and on a picturesque horse ranch.

Acknowledging her collaborators and the creative team behind the video, Wilson expressed gratitude for their contributions to what she anticipates could be her biggest song yet. “Thank you to the incredible Dano Cerny for directing this video and bringing the vision to life, and to all of my collaborators on this record for being a part of what I think could be my biggest song yet,” Wilson added.

Fans eager to hear more can find “4x4xU,” along with lead single “Hang Tight Honey” and “Country’s Cool Again,” on Wilson’s forthcoming album “Whirlwind,” set for release on August 23. Preorders and presaves are available now.

For those interested in catching Wilson live, tickets for her ongoing “Country’s Cool Again Tour” can be purchased through her official website.

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