Lee Kernaghan and James Johnston Unveil Collaborative Single ‘Who I Am’

by Barbara
Lee Kernaghan

Country music enthusiasts have reason to celebrate as Lee Kernaghan and James Johnston join forces to release their highly anticipated collaborative single, “Who I Am.” The track, teased on social media and now available to audiences, marks a significant milestone for both artists.

The origins of this partnership trace back to 2001, when a young Johnston, then just ten years old and dreaming of a career in country music, crossed paths with Kernaghan in Tamworth. Reflecting on their initial meeting, Kernaghan recalled signing a tour poster for Johnston, inscribing a message predicting his future success in Australian country music. “That autographed poster hung on his bedroom wall for many years,” Kernaghan remarked in a press release. “Now, two decades later, to release this song together and share our journey is incredibly special to me.”

For Johnston, whose musical journey was shaped by Kernaghan’s influence during his formative years, the collaboration holds profound personal significance. “Lee’s music resonated deeply with me as a young boy,” Johnston explained. “It instilled in me a sense of pride in my small-town upbringing.” He described “Who I Am” as an extension of those sentiments—a celebration of self-identity and the rural lifestyle he cherishes. “To collaborate on a song with my childhood hero that embodies these values is a dream come true,” Johnston added.

Co-written by Johnston, Kernaghan, Colin Buchanan, and Nick Wolfe of The Wolfe Brothers, “Who I Am” not only marks a musical union between two generations of Australian country artists but also represents Kernaghan’s first headline release in five years, following his acclaimed 2019 album, “Backroad Nation.”

The release of “Who I Am” underscores Kernaghan and Johnston’s shared commitment to honoring their roots while forging new musical pathways, promising listeners a blend of nostalgia, authenticity, and heartfelt storytelling that defines the essence of Australian country music.

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