New Marker Honoring Country Music Legends to Be Unveiled at Grammy Museum Mississippi

by Barbara

Cleveland, Mississippi, is set to add a new milestone to its musical heritage with the upcoming unveiling of a marker on the Mississippi Country Music Trail at Grammy Museum Mississippi. The ceremony, scheduled for Tuesday, July 16, at 5 p.m., will gather officials and residents to celebrate and honor some of the state’s most influential country music artists.

Among those featured on the marker are iconic figures such as Tammy Wynette, Marty Stuart, Faith Hill, Charley Pride, Bobby Gentry, LeAnn Rimes, Carl Jackson, and Paul Overstreet.

Emily Havens, Executive Director of Grammy Museum Mississippi, expressed gratitude for the recognition, stating, “We are honored to receive this marker on the historic Mississippi Country Music Trail. Mississippi’s profound impact on country music, celebrated through Grammy Awards and highlighted at our museum, continues to resonate.”

With Mississippi boasting a remarkable 775 Grammy wins from 3,637 nominations in the country music genre since the awards’ inception in 1958, the state holds the highest per capita Grammy wins in the United States.

The Mississippi Country Music Trail, which currently features 38 markers across Mississippi and one in Tennessee, marks Cleveland’s inaugural addition to this prestigious cultural trail.

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