Ice Spice Hints at Taylor Swift Collaboration on Upcoming Debut Album ‘Y2K’

by Patria

Rap sensation Ice Spice has hinted that pop superstar Taylor Swift might feature on her highly anticipated debut album, ‘Y2K’. The speculation comes after their successful collaboration on the remix of Taylor’s hit song ‘Karma’ last May. Ice Spice, known for her hit ‘Boy’s a Liar’, remained tight-lipped about specifics but confirmed the album will include multiple collaborations.

“There are a couple [of collaborations] – that is all I can say. More than one,” Ice Spice revealed during an interview with ‘Entertainment Tonight’ on the red carpet at the BET Awards held at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday (June 30, 2024).

When pressed about Taylor’s involvement, she coyly responded, “I think she did me the favor, but I don’t know, let’s see, let’s see.”

The 24-year-old artist also shared valuable advice she received from Taylor Swift. “When I was in the studio with Taylor, like, I’ll never forget. She told me, ‘No matter what, just keep making music and everything’s going to be fine,'” Ice Spice recalled in an interview with Billboard.

Previously, Ice Spice expressed admiration for Taylor’s humility and willingness to collaborate. “I was like: ‘You [mess] with my project?’ Like, what? She’s so sweet – I was so obsessed with how humble she was and willing to work. She gives me so much advice – we talk all the time and she’s so funny… But I can’t say what she be telling me,” she told The Guardian.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of ‘Y2K’, set for July 26, and speculating about the potential star-studded collaborations it might feature.

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