Smiling Acres Music Festival Kicks Off with Diverse Lineup and Enthusiastic Crowds

by Barbara

Trufant’s Smiling Acres Music Festival opened its first day with a diverse array of musical genres and enthusiastic crowds, highlighting the region’s vibrant music scene and the festival’s cozy atmosphere.

The main-stage lineup featured a mix of musical styles, including singer-songwriter Les Older, bluegrass by Smiling Acres Bluegrass Band, acoustic folk from Hearth and Hymn, jazz fusion by Pocket Watch, hip hop artist Lady Ace Boogie, soulful rock with Nathan Walton & The Remedy, and country-blues by The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band.

Despite occasional light sprinkles, which only seemed to enhance the festival experience, attendees enjoyed a day filled with captivating performances. The festival, now in its fourth year, boasted its largest turnout yet, with families and music lovers gathering under cloudy skies and a gentle breeze at the Smiling Acres site.

The event’s relaxed yet engaging atmosphere was evident as performances seamlessly alternated between two stages. Even a mid-song lighting mishap, where a stage light briefly disrupted Nathan Walton & The Remedy’s set, did not dampen the festival spirit. A quick response from a stagehand ensured the music continued without interruption.

Kathleen Black, a first-time attendee from Brighton, praised the festival’s intimacy and collaborative spirit. “I like the intimacy, I like the collaboration, I like that you don’t have to go from stage to stage (to see different performers),” she remarked. “It’s so low-key – not like out of control.”

As Smiling Acres Music Festival continues into the weekend, organizers and attendees alike anticipate more memorable performances and community spirit in Trufant.

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