Eighteen Visions Announce 20th Anniversary Vinyl Edition of “Obsession”

by Patria
Eighteen Visions

Orange County rockers Eighteen Visions are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their album “Obsession” with a special new vinyl edition, set to release this fall. This marks the first time the 2004 album will be available on vinyl.

The anniversary edition will be a 2 LP set, featuring the original album along with B-sides, re-recorded tracks, and two new songs that were originally written during the 2004 sessions but never recorded until now.

The band shared their excitement, stating, “20 years ago today we released ‘Obsession’ and sadly, it never had a vinyl release, until today. We’ve been working on this for quite some time and as we were wrapping everything up, looked at this date to launch.

“Any time we’ve released anything on vinyl over the past few years, everyone always asks about ‘Obsession’ which is of course great to hear. So thank you for your patience on this one and we hope you enjoy this release as much as we do.”

The new 2X LP includes:

2024 re-recording, featuring two new songs “Ghost like Swayze” and “Monster,” written during the original 2004 recording sessions but never previously recorded.

2004 original recording, including two previously rare B-sides, “Sun Falls Down” and “The World is Mine.”

The band concluded their announcement with, “Be excellent.”

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