Geezer Butler on Potential Black Sabbath Reunion

by Patria
Geezer Butler

Black Sabbath’s legendary bassist Geezer Butler has shared his thoughts on the possibility of the band’s original lineup reuniting for a final farewell concert, a notion recently suggested by Ozzy Osbourne.

While promoting the new paperback edition of his autobiography, “Into The Void: From Birth To Black Sabbath-And Beyond,” Butler discussed the idea with BraveWords. He revealed, “Ozzy has been texting me about doing one final show with Bill and that’s it, but it’s just not going to happen. I always said that the original Black Sabbath would never get back together.”

Butler expressed a mix of skepticism and hope, adding, “So, you say these things hoping if a miracle happens, that would be great to do it. But it’s up to everyone’s health, but I can’t see it happening. I’d love it to happen, even if it was one final song with the original four of us, with Bill on the drums. Even if it’s just one song.”

When asked about the potential location for such a reunion, Butler responded, “I’d love it too, but it certainly could never be a tour. It would only be one or two shows.”

While the idea of a full reunion remains uncertain, fans can still hold onto the hope of seeing the iconic band’s original members perform together one last time.

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