Joe Keery Denies Collaboration Rumors with Taylor Swift

by Patria
Joe Keery

Taylor Swift is a fan of ‘Stranger Things’ star Joe Keery’s music, but Keery insists they are not working together. The two were spotted leaving Electric Lady Studios in New York at the same time last year, sparking collaboration rumors. Keery, who releases music under the alias Djo and is known for his viral hit ‘End of the Beginning,’ revealed that Swift, 34, praised his track.

Discussing the speculation on ‘The Spout Podcast,’ Keery, 32, clarified: “I just happened to be there the day she was there. She’s really nice. I’ve met her a couple of times. Before anything happened with this track, she said, ‘Hey, I really love that track of yours, ‘End of Beginning.’”

Keery expressed his surprise at Swift’s recognition of his music, saying, “I’m like, ‘What? You heard that song? How the hell did you hear that song?’” He noted Swift’s passion for music, adding, “She’s also so hip to new music and things that are coming out. Somehow it came across her desk, and she listened to it and then said that she liked it. Really, really nice of her.”

Addressing the collaboration rumors on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,’ Keery recounted: “That was a very confusing day because I was just in there with John, minding my own business, not doing anything, and then I walked out the door, and it was like 1,000 people were standing out there. People looked at me expecting Taylor, and were like, ‘Who’s this guy?’”

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