Olly Alexander Optimistic About Eurovision Boost for Solo Career

by Patria
Olly Alexander

Former Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander, representing the UK with ‘Dizzy’ in Saturday’s Eurovision competition, expressed hope that the event would provide a significant “platform” for his solo career. Despite landing in 18th place out of 25 with no public votes and just 46 from the jury, Olly’s participation aimed to introduce himself to a broader audience and promote his upcoming music.

In an interview with the Daily Star Sunday, Olly shared, “I did Eurovision because it was a great opportunity to promote my music. That was part of my decision. I’m releasing new music for the first time in a few years. I hope that Eurovision will be a brilliant platform for ‘Dizzy’. It is the first song from my new album, I’ve got a lot of new music to come.”

The ‘It’s A Sin’ actor praised Eurovision for its global promotional impact on artists, noting, “People love the songs they see at Eurovision. They do really well. They’ve been embraced by a younger audience.”

Olly’s collaborator on ‘Dizzy,’ Danny L Harle, also hinted at their ongoing creative partnership, revealing, “I’ve written some more tracks with him that do that. I’ve really been enjoying that with Olly because his voice is so agile and can really make sense of more complicated chord sequences.”

Teaming up with Olly, whom Danny has admired for years, has been a rewarding experience. Danny emphasized, “I’ve always been a big fan of Olly Alexander, I’ve wanted to work with him my whole career… We’ve written a fair amount of music, and he’s a very exciting artist to be involved with.”

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