Travis Collaborates with Chris Martin and Brandon Flowers on New Single ‘Raze The Bar’

by Patria

Travis has enlisted the talents of Coldplay’s Chris Martin and The Killers’ Brandon Flowers for their latest single, ‘Raze The Bar.’

The renowned Scottish rock band is gearing up for the release of their 10th studio album, ‘L.A. Times,’ scheduled to hit the shelves in July. As a teaser to their upcoming album, they have unveiled their second track, which mourns the closure of New York City’s beloved Black and White Bar. The single features the esteemed guest vocals of Chris Martin and Brandon Flowers.

Lead singer Fran Healy shared insights into the collaboration, revealing that it originated from a moment of uncertainty about the album’s sequence. Healy recounted sharing the album with Chris, seeking fresh perspectives. “I called up Chris, I was having a moment of ‘I … don’t know how to order the record.’ I’d listened to it too much. I had a running order but I needed some fresh ears, so I called Chris and we drove up the Pacific Coast Highway and listened to it,” Healy told NME.

Chris Martin, impressed by the album, particularly highlighted the track ‘Raze The Bar,’ describing it as “amazing.” This led to Martin’s impromptu piano rendition of the song, with Healy suggesting Martin lend his vocals to it. Martin agreed, suggesting they involve more voices, leading to the inclusion of Brandon Flowers.

Healy elaborated on the song’s inspiration, rooted in the closure of the iconic New York bar frequented by indie rockers. “Everyone went there because it was near Irving Plaza, and all the bands would always go there. This bar was a hub for poetry; it was all so positive for artists. Then they had to shut it, and the landlord went in one night and ripped every single bit of the bar out and whitewashed it so that nobody could ever have the bar again. So the song is like an imaginary last night in the bar,” Healy explained.

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