Lady Gaga Announces Release Date and Trailer for Chromatica Ball Concert Film

by Patria
Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has unveiled the trailer and release date for her highly anticipated Chromatica Ball concert film. Teaming up with HBO, the hitmaker is set to take fans on a mesmerizing journey through her 2022 Chromatica Ball Tour.

The concert special, created, produced, and directed by Gaga herself, captures the essence of one of her final shows during the stadium tour at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium in September 2022, where she enthralled a crowd of 52,000 people.

Making the announcement on X (formerly known as Twitter) on Wednesday, Gaga expressed her excitement, stating, “I’m so excited that we can finally share The Chromatica Ball film with the world. This film chronicles a time of immense creativity…the fashion, the dance, the music.” She added, “Revisiting the tour leaves me speechless the way we had each other-you all showed up for music and art in a big way, and with a level of excitement and freedom that I will never forget.”

Gaga also took a moment to thank her devoted fans for their unwavering support, mentioning, “I hope you will feel seen when you watch this film. And know that I edited it carefully to honor you.”

The concert film promises to showcase Gaga’s iconic performances of hit songs like Poker Face, Shallow, Bad Romance, Just Dance, and more.

HBO’s Nina Rosenstein praised Gaga’s boundless talent, stating, “Lady Gaga is a complete powerhouse. She’s a once-in-a-lifetime artist who never holds back, and Gaga Chromatica Ball puts her endless list of talents on full display. We’re thrilled to partner with her once again for this breathtaking concert special.”

Fans can mark their calendars as The Chromatica Ball concert film is set to premiere on May 25.

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