Janet Jackson Expresses Disappointment as Lovers & Friends Festival Gets Cancelled

by Patria
Janet Jackson

The highly anticipated Lovers & Friends festival in Las Vegas, featuring a star-studded lineup including Usher, Alicia Keys, Kelly Rowland, Backstreet Boys, Mary J. Blige, and Snoop Dogg among others, faced a last-minute cancellation on Saturday, leaving fans and artists heartbroken.

The cancellation came amidst a High Wind Warning, with organisers citing the potential danger posed by 30-35 mph sustained winds and gusts exceeding 60 mph. Janet Jackson, set to perform at the festival, took to Instagram to share her disappointment, expressing how she and many fans had eagerly anticipated the event. She also mentioned that this show was supposed to be a significant one before shifting focus to the summer leg of her tour.

Similarly, Kelly Rowland expressed her regret over the cancellation, apologizing to fans who had arrived early and thanking everyone for their support. Usher also expressed his apologies on Instagram Stories, assuring fans that they would meet soon despite the unforeseen circumstances.

The decision to cancel was made in consultation with local officials and the National Weather Service, prioritizing the safety of fans, artists, and staff. Organisers acknowledged the disappointment felt by fans who had traveled from various parts of the world for the festival, recognizing the excitement and anticipation that had built up over the months leading to the event.

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