Pet Shop Boys Express Desire to Collaborate with Cardi B

by Patria
Pet Shop Boys

The iconic duo Pet Shop Boys, consisting of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, have voiced their enthusiasm for a potential collaboration with rapper Cardi B. Delighted by Cardi B’s appreciation for their music, particularly evident when she humorously compared someone to them on a talk show, the duo expressed their eagerness to work together. Neil Tennant shared with Rolling Stone that Cardi B’s admiration for them stems from a memorable incident involving her mother’s fondness for their album “Discography.”

Reflecting on the possibility of a collaboration, Neil stated, “We like Cardi B, and we believe the ball’s in her court.” This sentiment echoes the widespread anticipation among fans for a musical collaboration between the two acts.

Neil also recalled an incident involving rapper Drake sampling their hit song ‘West End Girls’ without permission on his album ‘For All the Dogs.’ Despite initial concerns, the matter was swiftly resolved amicably after Pet Shop Boys raised the issue on social media.

Despite the hiccup, the duo admitted to enjoying Drake’s rendition of their song, expressing curiosity about his vocal techniques. Chris Lowe even jokingly mentioned wanting to adopt Drake’s vocal sound for their own music.

The potential collaboration with Cardi B stands as an exciting prospect for both Pet Shop Boys and their fans, marking a potential union of diverse musical styles and talents in the music industry.

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