Shakira Reveals Her Drive and Resilience Stem from Family’s Financial Struggles

by Patria

The iconic Colombian singer, Shakira, known for hits like “Hips Don’t Lie,” has opened up about the challenges her family faced and how they shaped her relentless drive in the music industry. Growing up as an only child in a middle-class family, Shakira’s world changed drastically when her father’s jewelry business collapsed when she was just seven years old.

In a candid interview with Marie Claire, Shakira shared how the financial hardships her family endured instilled in her a constant sense of ambition and the feeling that she has more to achieve. She reflected, “Maybe it’s a combination of where I come from, my upbringing, and the obstacles I faced as a child. It has made me a highly motivated individual.”

The Grammy-winning artist admitted that even after successful performances, she never feels completely satisfied, always striving for improvement. She expressed, “There’s never a moment when I step off stage and think I couldn’t have done better. I thrive on challenges and see them as opportunities to grow.”

Shakira’s father, after the business downfall, took her to a park where underprivileged street children lived, showing her the contrast between their lives and hers. Witnessing the struggles of these children fueled her determination to succeed and give back to those in need.

Despite facing challenges as a single mother to her two sons, Milan and Sasha, Shakira finds solace and joy in the support of her fans during her performances. She recounted a touching moment with her mother, emphasizing the importance of gratitude and the responsibility she feels as a public figure to inspire and support others.

Shakira’s journey from adversity to success serves as a testament to her resilience and determination, inspiring fans worldwide with her music and philanthropic efforts.

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