Dua Lipa Announces Hometown Show at London’s Royal Albert Hall

by Patria

Dua Lipa, the chart-topping sensation behind hits like ‘Levitating,’ has revealed plans for a special hometown show at London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall on October 17th. This announcement comes in anticipation of her third studio album, ‘Radical Optimism,’ set for release this May. The show promises to feature tracks from the upcoming album as well as a lineup of her well-loved hits.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, Dua Lipa shared her excitement about the upcoming event, stating, “HOMETOWN!! So excited to announce I’ll be doing a show at The Royal Albert Hall on October 17th this year. This is such a special iconic venue, and I can’t wait to share these songs live with you.” She also revealed that fans in the UK and Ireland who pre-order the album via the official store will receive early access to pre-sale tickets for the show.

The 28-year-old pop star has previously discussed how her new album reflects a period of significant changes in her life, including the end of a relationship and her experiences with dating. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, she described the album as feeling “a bit more raw,” aiming to capture the essence of youth, freedom, and embracing life’s ups and downs.

Dua Lipa’s career has been on a meteoric rise, and she recently achieved another milestone by being confirmed as the Friday night headliner at Glastonbury this June. Expressing her excitement on Instagram, she said, “FRIDAY NIGHT PYRAMID STAGE HEADLINE!!!! I have dreamt of this moment all my life.” She expressed gratitude to the festival organizers and her fans, looking forward to creating unforgettable memories at her favorite venue.

At Glastonbury, Dua Lipa will share the stage with fellow headliners SZA and Coldplay, with Shania Twain scheduled to perform in the Sunday afternoon legends slot, adding to the festival’s stellar lineup of musical talent.

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