Ariana Grande Unveils Details on Upcoming Album ‘Eternal Sunshine’

by Patria

Ariana Grande’s much-anticipated album, ‘Eternal Sunshine’, promises a fusion of house music and R&B, according to hints dropped by her label boss and Republic Records co-president, Wendy Goldstein. In a behind-the-scenes video shared by Ariana on Instagram, Goldstein praised the collaboration between Ariana and renowned producer Max Martin, expressing confidence in the album’s perfection. She described the album’s sound as a blend of house music with hints of R&B, likening it to an elevated version of Ariana’s previous works, such as ‘Sweetener’ combined with elements from ‘Thank U, Next’.

Fans have already been treated to the lead single ‘Yes, And?’, which later received a remix featuring Mariah Carey. However, Ariana has announced that no further singles will be released before the album’s launch next month. The Grammy-winning artist emphasized her desire for fans to experience the album in its entirety on March 8, rather than releasing singles incrementally. Despite teasing the possibility of surprises leading up to the album release, Ariana expressed gratitude for her fans’ patience and urged them to trust her vision for the project.

Describing ‘Eternal Sunshine’ as a “concept album,” Ariana revealed that many of the songs are deeply personal and vulnerable. She shared her nervousness about unveiling the collection but expressed excitement about the unique storytelling experience it offers. The album features a diverse range of tracks, with some showcasing Ariana’s vulnerability and others exploring expected personas with playful twists.

In a previous Instagram post, Ariana disclosed that she had hosted a listening session for close associates, including family, friends, and members of her Republic Records team, providing them with an advanced preview of the album. She described the album as a collection of interconnected yet distinct pieces, each contributing to a larger narrative. With anticipation building for ‘Eternal Sunshine’, Ariana expressed her excitement for fans to embark on this new musical journey with her, promising a special and emotional experience for all.

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