Lola Tung Takes the Stage in Broadway’s Hadestown

by Patria

In a thrilling development for Broadway enthusiasts, Lola Tung, renowned for her role in “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” is poised to make her debut on the illustrious stage of the Hadestown musical. The announcement reveals that the 21-year-old actress is set to assume the pivotal role of Eurydice, stepping into the shoes of Solea Pfeiffer, starting February 9 for a limited engagement.

Expressing her excitement, Lola shared her sentiments in a statement, stating, “I saw Hadestown in February of 2020 and immediately fell in love with the show. I’d had dreams of being on Broadway since I performed in my middle school musicals, and after seeing Hadestown, I instantly added it to the little list of dream shows in my mind.”

Lola, with an air of enthusiasm, further elaborated on the Tony-winning musical, praising its uniqueness, “The storytelling is beautiful and unique, the music is unbelievably special, and the show is just so moving. I am very grateful to be joining this incredible company. What a dream and an honor it is to be making my Broadway debut in this show!”

Her stint as Eurydice is scheduled to continue until March 17, bringing a new energy to the production. Lola will join an esteemed cast featuring Philip Boykin as Hades, Jordan Fisher as Orpheus, and Lilias White as Hermes.

Hadestown, drawing inspiration from the timeless myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, clinched eight Tony Awards in 2019, securing its position as the most-awarded show of the season. The addition of Lola Tung to the ensemble promises to enhance the production’s allure and captivate audiences with her portrayal of the iconic character. Broadway aficionados eagerly anticipate this limited-time engagement, recognizing the significance of Lola’s Broadway debut in the acclaimed Hadestown.

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