Motley Crue Announces Plans for 2024 Stadium Tour and Unveils New Music

by Patria

In a recent interview with Motley Crue’s frontman Vince Neil, exciting revelations about the band’s future endeavors have surfaced. Neil disclosed that Motley Crue is gearing up for a massive Stadium Tour in 2024, accompanied by the release of three brand-new tracks.

During an appearance on The Music Universe podcast, Neil shared the band’s upcoming schedule, stating, “We have eight shows in the US after [their current UK/European leg]. Then we go to Australia and Japan, and then I think we’re gonna go back in the studio for a couple more songs. And then we will announce a new stadium tour for next summer. We’re not sure who’s gonna be on it, but there’ll be another tour.”

Motley Crue recently heightened the anticipation with a “secret” club show performed under the pseudonym “Dogs Of War,” which, notably, is also the title of one of their new songs. Neil revealed, “We went in the studio not too long ago, about six months ago, and recorded three new songs. And one of ’em is called ‘Dogs Of War’.”

Describing the new track, Neil expressed enthusiasm, saying, “There’s three brand new Motley Crue songs. And we’re gonna film it tomorrow night. I hope people like it.”

The announcement comes as a thrilling prospect for Motley Crue fans, as the iconic rock band continues to expand its musical repertoire and plans for a spectacular return to the stage. The anticipation is expected to build as more details about the upcoming Stadium Tour and the new music emerge in the coming months.

Motley Crue’s resilience and creativity remain evident, promising an exciting chapter for fans eagerly awaiting their return to the spotlight. Stay tuned for further updates on Motley Crue’s highly anticipated 2024 Stadium Tour.

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