Drake announces that his new album Scary Hours 3 will be released at midnight

by Patria

Drake has surprised fans by announcing that his new album, ‘Scary Hours 3’, will arrive at midnight (17.11.23).

Drake has shared a poignant trailer for his next record, a follow-up to 2018’s ‘Scary Hours’ and 2021’s ‘Scary Hours 2’ EPs, less than 24 hours before its release and almost six weeks after dropping his latest LP, ‘For All The Dogs’.

In the dramatic short, Drake explains: “I don’t feel the need to appease anybody.

“I feel so confident in the work I just dropped.”

He goes on to explain that he could “disappear for six months, a year, two years”, but insists, “I’m not super into the long disappearances”.

The Rich Flex hitmaker also claims that all the songs on Scary Hours 3 were written “in the last five days.

Previously, he explained that he “didn’t have a bar written” when he dropped ‘For All the Dogs.

Speaking about the prolific period he’s going through, he went on to say: “I feel like I’m on drugs.

“I feel like I’m in this mental state without doing anything. It’s happening on its own. Who am I to fight it?”

Drake walks through a concert hall with a glass of wine in his hand as the narration plays, and it ends with an orchestra playing an ominous piece of music.

He captioned the video on Instagram: “Scary Hours 3. Tonight at midnight.”

The impending album news came just hours after Drake and J. Cole shared the video for their collaboration “First Person Shooter.

The new album will come as a surprise to many, as just days after the release of ‘For All The Dogs’, Drake claimed that he was taking a break from making music in order to focus on his health.

The 37-year-old rap star revealed he plans to step away from the music business for “maybe a year” because he’s been having the “craziest problems” with his stomach.

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