Taylor Swift asks fans not to throw objects on stage

by Patria

During her show in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Sunday night, Taylor Swift urged concertgoers not to throw objects on stage.

The Blank Space singer was at her piano during her Eras Tour show’s Evermore set when an object was thrown onstage, landing near her seat.

The 33-year-old responded by calmly issuing a warning to her fans as she played softly on the moss-covered piano.

“Just because communication is about having gentle, healthy boundaries, it really freaks me out when things get thrown on stage. Because if it’s on the stage, a dancer can trip on it,” she said.

“I love that you brought presents and that’s so nice, but just, can you please not throw them on the stage. I love you so much,” she added, before launching into what she planned to perform next.

Several musicians have spoken out to condemn the trend after artists such as Bebe Rexha, Kelsea Ballerini and Harry Styles were hit with objects while performing on stage in recent months.

Taylor’s performance in Buenos Aires on Sunday was a result of the postponement of her concert on Friday due to bad weather.

During Sunday’s show, she performed S**t! for the first time during the surprise acoustic portion of the concert. The previously unreleased track appears on 1989 (Taylor’s Version), the re-released album she released in 2014.

Taylor is next scheduled to perform in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Friday.

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