Dolly Parton would now consider doing a halftime show at the Super Bowl

by Patria

Dolly Parton would now consider performing a Super Bowl halftime show, despite turning down the opportunity several times in the past.

The country music legend has long been one of the biggest stars in the United States, but she has never performed on one of the biggest stages – the showpiece game of American football.

She says that’s because she repeatedly turned down requests from National Football League (NFL) executives.

“Oh, sure. I’ve been offered that many times,” Parton tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I couldn’t do it because of other things, or I just didn’t think I was big enough to do it – to do that big of a production. If you think about those shows, those are big, big productions. I’ve never done anything with a production that big. I don’t know if I could have done it. I think that’s what I thought at the time.

The 77-year-old has recently reconsidered, as she’s recorded a rock ‘n’ roll album, Rockstar, and now believes she could make the big entrance.

“It would make more sense,” she adds. “It could change. Maybe I could do a production show.”

Dolly is unlikely to perform at next year’s event, however, as R&B superstar Usher has already been announced as the headliner.

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