Troye Sivan reveals how Janet Jackson was the inspiration for his latest album

by Patria

Troye Sivan has revealed how Janet Jackson’s ‘Together Again’ was a “game-changer” for his music.

The Rush hitmaker wanted the songs on his latest album ‘Something to Give Each Other’ to be as warm and joyful as the 1977 hit.

Speaking on Billboard’s ‘Pop Shop’ podcast, he said: “I talk about Janet Jackson a lot because she’s so important to me, but I saw her show at the Hollywood Bowl really early on. And for me, it took me back to when I was, however old I was, I was probably about seven … when I heard ‘Together Again’ for the first time. And that melody and those chords and the warmth that’s in that song literally changed the trajectory of my life. The trajectory of my life as a musician and as a songwriter in particular. And that’s something I was really going for [on the new album]. I wanted something warm.

The 28-year-old pop star also revealed he had to pressurise his team to agree to make the “dream” music video for lead single “Rush”, after being told the promotional form was “dying”.

He shared: “First of all, if you think about all my references for being a good pop star growing up, they were the ones who did these mega mega mega videos where the budgets were very, very different from what they are now. I had so many times in so many meetings (where people said) like ‘music videos don’t matter, the music video is dead’ and I pushed and pushed and pushed and I’m so grateful that we’re going to make the music video of my dreams for ‘Rush’… It went further than I think anything of mine has ever gone before and that’s really cool. I’m very grateful and thankful.

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