Leo Sayer cancels UK shows due to ‘very ill’ condition

by Patria

After falling “very ill”, Leo Sayer has been forced to cancel a number of shows.

The 75-year-old singer has taken to social media to reveal he has spent the last three weeks in hospital in Australia, which means he hasn’t been able to fly to the UK to play a number of scheduled gigs.

Leo, who married his partner Donatella earlier this year, wrote in a Facebook post: “I haven’t posted anything publicly about this before but I have not been able to fly or play the last few shows in the UK as I became very ill just before the trip.

“I have been in hospital here in Australia for the last 3 weeks with kidney, bladder and prostate complications.

“It all happened at the last minute so it was too late to warn anyone. Many thanks to Butlins and Tony Denton for arranging replacements for these shows.

“I am so sorry to disappoint my fans, but these things can happen to us 75-year-olds! ”

Nevertheless, Leo is recovering well. He plans to return to the stage in 2024.

The Show Must Go On hitmaker – who has lived in Australia since 2009 – also thanked his fans for their “concern and good wishes”.

Leo’s Facebook post continued: “I am still in hospital but on the road to recovery. I will be taking a necessary short break from activities and will be back fighting for shows in 2024. – Especially my UK and Ireland tour next fall.”

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