The Jonas Brothers performed in Nashville with their father

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The Jonas Brothers performed with their father Kevin Jonas Sr. at their show in Nashville, Tennessee on Monday night (09Oct12).

Bridgestone Arena in this city. One Night” tour, bringing out Kevin Senior as a special guest to perform the Eagles’ 1973 rock classic “Desperado.

Introducing her father onstage, Joe Jonas, 33, said: “You’re about to get a special performance from someone who literally had at least 50 percent to do with us being here tonight… Please welcome Kevin Jonas Sr.”

He finished by giving his sons a big hug before leaving.

The brothers previously performed with their father – a former pastor and musician – during a show in Las Vegas last year.

They have been on a U.S. tour since August and will be in cities including Miami, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia and Austin, Texas throughout the month of October before wrapping up in Brooklyn, New York on December 9.

The brothers have previously insisted that this tour is their most ambitious yet. Joe told PEOPLE: “I think we built a beautiful show for people to come see.

Nick added: “It’s the most ambitious show we’ve ever done, in the sense that building five albums in one night was a challenge that I don’t think we fully understood after we put it out. [But it’s amazing to just go back and look at the road that brought us to this moment now.

He went on to insist that because their voices have changed so much since they grew up, they enjoyed revisiting some of their earlier hits.

Nick added: “Going through voice changes while making those albums added an unnecessary level of grit to some of the vocal delivery. I think now that we’ve settled into our adult voices, it’s fun to sing them in a more mature and thoughtful vocal delivery.

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