Azealia Banks blasts ‘superfluous’ Drake’s reaction to negative review

by Patria

Drake’s response to a negative review has been slammed by Azealia Banks.

In an Instagram Story on Monday, the Count Contessa rapper mocked the God’s Plan artist for his response to a negative review from podcaster Joe Budden.

“Does Drake know his nose job and liposuction are not hip-hop?” Azealia, 32, wrote. “Does Drake know that no one who actually understands hiphop – a culture born from oppressed people – really cares about his soft-toothed, colonized, confused, mixed-race facsimile attempts to display the true authenticity of an actual MC? Does Drake know that his desperate attempts to gangsterize Candombe (sic) ‘street life’ is an all-encompassing failure in and of itself?”

“Only weird nepo babies and Eastern European immigrants wearing USSN Polo Association cool water and media f**k boys actually care about him,” she continued, calling her fellow rapper “redundant as hell.”

Earlier in the day, Drake took to the comments section of an Instagram post promoting an episode of Joe’s podcast – in which Joe said Drake’s music was aimed at children.

“@joebudden you failed at music,” Drake, 36, commented. “You left it behind to do what you do in this clip because that’s what actually pays your bills. To any artist watching this, just remember you are watching a failure give his opinion on his idea of a recipe for success.”

He added, “For any artist doing what they feel is right, don’t let these opinions affect your mindset after the fact…this guy is the poster child for frustration and surrender.”

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