‘I think it’s tacky when people sample something like out of term’,Says Troye Sivan

by Patria

Troye Sivan stops by Zane Lowe’s Apple Music 1 studio to discuss “Got Me Started,” a new track from his upcoming album, Something To Give Each Other, which comes out next month. He talks to Apple Music about the genesis of the track, the sampling of Australian duo Bag Raiders, the music video and the song’s meaning, and the making of his new album after a breakup.

Troye Sivan on sampling Australian duo Bag Raiders and “Got Me Started

It was one of the first songs we wrote for the album and it just stuck. They [Bag Raiders] were like, “By the way, we’ve had hundreds of requests and we’ve never said ‘yeah’ so don’t f*** this up”. And I was like, “I promise you, I’m gonna make a video. It’s gonna be sick.” Like, I really believe in it. And I also, I think it’s tacky when people sample something like out of term, you know what I mean? And I really, really, really didn’t want to do that. I wouldn’t be doing it if I felt like I was doing it. You know, it was something that came naturally in the studio. I started watching the rehearsal and laughing because I was like there’s no way they’re ever going to let me do that. So while we were in the studio I was texting my A&R from Australia. And of course, because we’re all Australians, it was like within 20 minutes he had reached her and I got this text with the stem in my phone. I’ll never forget the moment I played it and it just came out so clean, completely like a solo. And I was like oh my God. And we put it in and it worked.

Troye Sivan on the music video for “Got Me Started” and the meaning of the song

There’s this kind of reprise when the synth comes back at the end in the video when I’m like, you know, being pulled up the building and there’s this new like drum pattern and for me it was perfect. It was like the euphoric moment of this total like freedom of realizing that you’re completely like fine on your own and that this is also not a moment of like sadness but a moment of endless possibilities.

Troye Sivan on making his new album ‘Something To Give Each Other’ after a breakup

I had a lot of friends have that conversation with me when I was going through my breakup. “Oh, but you know, you’re gonna be okay, and there’s so many people out there…” it’s hard to hear at the time, and you know, you kind of doubt it. And then I lived it, and it was this journey that took a lot longer than I thought it would, a lot longer than it probably should have. But I lived it and it just felt so overwhelming to me that they were right. So in a way, I almost want the album to serve as me having that conversation with everyone else as a friend, like, “Girl, I promise you.

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