How her music gets leaked is something Lana Del Rey ‘doesn’t understand’

by Patria

Lana Del Rey “doesn’t understand” how her music can be leaked when she takes so many precautions to prevent it from happening.

Months after a device containing her new music and a book manuscript was stolen from a backpack in her parked car in Los Angeles, some of the Video Games singer’s unreleased music was leaked in October 2022.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Lana admitted that she’s baffled by the leaks because she’s been so careful to protect her new material.

“My records get [leaked] five months before they come out. They have been for 11 years,” she said. “I really don’t understand it. I’ve gone to great lengths to double check everything, but the songs come out. Even though I don’t have them (digitally). I don’t like it. ItŽs a lot of work. You want things to go well for the album.

Back then, Lana, real name Elisabeth Grant, asked her fans that they shouldn’t listen to leaked music because it hadn’t been released yet. The 38-year-old released Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd. five months after the leak.

It was her fourth album in four years, following Norman F**king Rockwell!, Chemtrails over the Country Club and Blue Banisters. Commenting on the rapid succession of her albums, she told the publication that she is constantly inspired to create new music.

“Music is like a little blackbird on my shoulder, always pecking at me – even when I’m not interested in making music. And I really am interested in doing other things. Music is just relentless,” she said.

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