Having young children makes him feel ‘relevant,’ states Mick Jagger

by Patria

Mick Jagger has revealed that having a young child makes him feel “relevant”.

The 80-year-old singer opened up about his family and girlfriend Melanie Hamrick in a new interview with WSJ magazine.

“I have this really wonderful family that supports me,” he explained. “And I have, you know, little kids – it makes you feel like you’re relevant.”

Mick and Melanie have been in a relationship since 2014 and have a six-year-old son, Deveraux, together.

He has seven other children of varying ages, with the oldest being 52.

The Rolling Stones frontman also talked about social media, and how it has become a “fact of life” for rumors to swirl about his personal and professional life.

Mick also explained his decision to go public with his romance with former ballerina Melanie.

“People used to post stuff and everybody would think, whatever girl you’re standing next to… ‘Is that your new girlfriend? You know. But now everybody knows,” he said, referring to his relationship with 36-year-old Melanie.

While Mick has been open about certain details of his life, other areas of his life remain private.

“But there are boundaries that I like to have,” he added.

The release of their first album of original music in 18 years was recently confirmed by the Rolling Stones.

Hackney Diamonds is due out on October 20 and will feature stars including Stevie Wonder and Lady Gaga.

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