Pop and rap music criticized by Keith Richards

by Patria

He is not a fan of pop or rap music, Keith Richards has revealed.

The Rolling Stones guitarist, 79, made the revelatory revelation in an interview with The Telegraph, telling the magazine his likes include blues, jazz and classical music, but not pop or rap.

“I don’t want to start complaining about pop music,” he said. “It’s always been crap. I mean, that’s the point. They make it as cheap and easy as they can, and that’s why it always sounds the same; there’s very little feeling in it.

Keith continued, “I like to hear music from people playing instruments. That is, I don’t like to hear plastic synthesized muzak, as it used to be called, the kind you hear in elevators, which is now par for the course.

On the subject of rap music, the rocker added: “I don’t really like to hear people yelling at me and telling me it’s music, aka rap. I can get enough of that without leaving my house.

The Rolling Stones have been in the midst of promotion for the upcoming release of their first studio album in 18 years – Hackney Downs.

The album will be the London band’s first collection of new material since 2005’s A Bigger Bang. It would also be their first new material since the death of drummer Charlie Watts in the year 2021.

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