Diddy felt there was a lack of R’n’B music on the charts:’I just wanted to really give that to the world again’

by Patria

Diddy felt compelled to record a new album because “as a fan, I didn’t have any R’n’B music to listen to.

The music icon, 53, who was born SeanJohn Combs, has enlisted some of the biggest names in the genre, including Mary J. Blige, John Legend, Busta Rhymes, Teyana Taylor and H.E.R., for his latest LP, ‘The Love Album: Off the Grid” – his first studio effort in 17 years.

When asked why now was the right time to release a new album, Diddy told Extra’s Megan Ryte: “It’s something that kind of hits you like boom. It is time. Time to put the cape back on. Time to spread the love. Time to raise the frequency.

Megan’s then asked the question: “What is the inspiration behind the title?”

To which he replied: “Number one, not having any R’n’B music to listen to as a fan, and that’s the kind of music I make, so I just really wanted to give that back to the world. Give the feeling that this is what a baby-making record sounds like”.

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