Romance rekindled between Cher and Alexander Edwards

by Patria

Cher and Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards have rekindled romance speculation.

The Believe singer, 77, and the music executive, 37, were photographed holding hands as they left Funke Restaurant in Beverly Hills, California, on Friday after dining with Colombian singer J Balvin and his girlfriend Valentina Ferrer.

According to Page Six, Alexander held the car door open for Cher and just beamed when paparazzi asked if they were back together. Once inside the car, they were reportedly seen laughing and chatting with their heads close together.

The pop icon and Alexander have been romantically linked since November 2022, when the pair was seen holding hands in Los Angeles. At a Versace fashion show in March, they made their red carpet debut as a couple.

However, they broke up “a few weeks ago,” TMZ reported in May.

Throughout their relationship, the couple had hinted that they were engaged, but a source told the outlet that broke the news of their split that they were not engaged.

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