Elevating Hip-Hop: A Visionary’s Perspective on India’s Musical Landscape

by Barbara

Sez on the Beat: The Unveiling of a Hip-Hop Epoch

Diving into the dynamic realm of music production is a maverick known by the moniker Sez on the Beat. Recognized as Sajeel Kapoor within the circles of creativity, this visionary has orchestrated several hip-hop anthems that have reverberated across the auditory spectrum. Mere Gully Mein and Sher Aaya, both revered creations from the cinematic marvel “Gully Boy” (2019), stand as testament to Sez’s prowess. His collaborative ventures with luminaries like Divine, Badshah, Ritviz, Naezy, Ikka, and Zaeden have further solidified his stature. Embodying the spirit of a true artist, Sez on the Beat recently unfurled his inaugural independent composition, Dev Nagri.

Anchored deeply in the roots of hip-hop culture, Sez on the Beat proudly adopts the title of a hip-hop artiste. Expressing unadulterated admiration for the evolution of this genre within India, he articulates, “It has now interwoven itself seamlessly into our lifestyles—an emblem of what’s trendy and unfolding in our surroundings. In days of yore, envisioning hip-hop at this zenith was naught but a reverie.”

Inquired about his affection for a genre that commemorates its 50th anniversary, Sez on the Beat doesn’t hold back in sharing his sentiments, “To me, the very essence, the authenticity and the raw veracity embedded in hip-hop’s core are its two most enthralling attributes.”

While he exudes a sense of elation for the genre’s flourishing journey on Indian soil, a veil of concern shrouds his words—a realization that many virtuosos within the hip-hop realm remain obscured from the spotlight of recognition. He addresses the lingering inequality of acknowledgment, “It’s a matter of visibility, of those who bask in the limelight and those who persist in the shadows, relentlessly pushing the boundaries to augment the genre’s allure.” Yet, the question of whether Sez ever grappled with insecurities in his capacity as a musician entrenched within this vibrant sphere prompts a calm response, “Such feelings have scarcely visited me. My craft, my creations—they echo a resonance that’s indelible, a resonance that resonates both within me and beyond. Moreover, this artistic pursuit remains a symphony of passion and actuality, with the symphony of success for hip-hop crescendoing before my very eyes.”

In a captivating twist of fate, Sez on the Beat’s opus “Mere Gully Mein” emerged as a catalyst, a transformative element that set the stage for the magnum opus “Gully Boy.” With the release of this cinematic masterpiece, the floodgates of hip-hop’s influence surged, enveloping the nation in its dynamic embrace. Sez reflects, “The seismic impact of my creation ‘Mere Gully Mein’ served as the ignition point for the phenomenon that was ‘Gully Boy.’ The echo of hip-hop’s cadence reverberated through the hearts of the masses. Subsequently, the fervor to adopt the persona of a rapper became a universal aspiration.” It’s a testament to the transformative power of music—one creation rippling into a monumental cultural tide.

As Sez on the Beat charts the trajectory of his artistic journey, one that traverses genres and defies conventions, the horizon appears boundless. In the cosmos of creation, he emerges as a luminary, shaping auditory experiences that linger long after the final note fades. His perspective is one that intertwines aspiration and actuality, driven not just by the allure of success but by an unbridled passion that navigates his every note. In this narrative of melodies and rhythms, Sez on the Beat stands as an emblem of music’s boundless potential, a maestro orchestrating the symphony of a generation.

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