Startling Similarity: Doja Cat’s Latest Album Cover Bears Striking Resemblance to Upcoming Metal Band’s Artwork

by Barbara

In a curious turn of events, Doja Cat’s upcoming album, titled “Scarlet,” has raised eyebrows for its uncanny resemblance to the cover design of the German metal band Chaver’s forthcoming album, “Of Gloom.” Both album covers, it seems, feature an illustration crafted by the same artist, Dusty Ray. While this fact might explain the visual parallels, the implications of this similarity have ignited discussions among music enthusiasts and fans alike.

The artwork for “Scarlet” presents a predominantly white background adorned with a pink spider positioned prominently, accompanied by a solitary droplet of blood near the upper edge. What sets it apart is the conspicuous absence of any accompanying text. On the other hand, “Of Gloom” features a speckled cover displaying an astonishingly similar pink spider, along with a droplet of blood. It is worth noting, however, that subtle discrepancies in the shapes of the spider and the droplet exist when compared to those on “Scarlet.” Moreover, Chaver’s album cover boasts their distinct logo prominently placed at the cover’s zenith, while the title rests inconspicuously at the bottom in a notably smaller font size.

These visual resemblances, while undeniable, also come with nuances that differentiate the two covers. Adding an intriguing layer to the narrative is the revelation that both albums are scheduled for simultaneous release on September 22, an aspect that intensifies the intrigue surrounding the situation.

Taking to her Instagram profile on August 29, Doja Cat unveiled the album art, taking care to credit Dusty Ray as the mastermind behind the illustration. A cursory exploration of Dusty Ray’s Instagram account reveals a pervasive use of pink hues across all his illustrated images. The artist’s penchant for horror-themed motifs, often characterized by visceral displays of blood and gore, as well as depictions of various insects and creatures, is evident throughout his portfolio.

Of particular significance is the recurring presence of spiders in Dusty Ray’s work. The very spider and droplet featured prominently on the cover of Chaver’s forthcoming album were originally conceived in 2018, as evidenced by Dusty Ray’s posts from 2022. Chaver, on the other hand, unveiled their album cover on July 29 through a post on their own Instagram account. Interestingly, Chaver’s fanbase has approached the situation with a degree of levity, incorporating references to Doja Cat’s album in their recent social media interactions.

Amidst this intriguing convergence of artistic visions, one lingering question remains unanswered: did Doja Cat possess any prior knowledge of the German metal band’s usage of Dusty Ray’s spider illustration for their album cover? The issue takes on an added layer of complexity considering Doja Cat’s burgeoning interest in heavy music over the past few years. In a candid interview earlier this year, the versatile musician disclosed her desire to experiment with punk music at some point in her career.

Reflecting on the current musical landscape, Doja Cat remarked, “We are witnessing a profusion of pop-punk artists at this juncture. While the industry might welcome more of the same, I am inclined to explore a different path. My aspiration is to delve into the raw, unfiltered realms of hardcore punk—a genre that resonates with my personal artistic instincts.” Elaborating on her creative process, she expressed her intent to collaborate with drummers and guitarists, alluding to the potential formation of a punk-oriented musical endeavor. Nonetheless, she remained circumspect about the eventual fate of these experiments, stating, “I remain uncertain whether these endeavors will ever see the light of day.”

The convergence of Doja Cat’s artistic journey and the visual coincidences between her album cover and Chaver’s release raises intriguing questions about the interconnectedness of creative expression. While Dusty Ray’s distinct visual style undoubtedly serves as a unifying thread, the divergence of musical genres and intentions adds layers of complexity to the narrative. As the release date of September 22 draws near, music enthusiasts find themselves captivated not only by the auditory experiences these albums promise to deliver but also by the intricacies of the artistic process that brought them into existence.

In conclusion, the parallels between Doja Cat’s “Scarlet” and Chaver’s “Of Gloom” album covers are both striking and nuanced, offering a unique glimpse into the world of artistic creation and collaboration. The shared vision of artist Dusty Ray serves as the bridge between these two seemingly disparate musical offerings, inviting contemplation on the interplay between visual and auditory mediums. As the albums prepare to make their simultaneous debut, fans and critics alike are poised to experience not only the music itself but also the intricate stories that weave through every note and brushstroke.

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