PRONG Unleashes Their Thunderous 13th Studio Offering: “State of Emergency”

by Barbara

NYC Heavy Metal Legends Gear Up for a Thunderous Return

It’s been an excruciatingly patient wait of four tumultuous years since the last resonating echoes of PRONG’s celebrated ‘Age of Defiance’ EP graced our ears. Yet, brace yourselves for the imminent storm, as this fall, the titans of heavy metal are about to unleash their long-awaited 13th studio album, “State of Emergency,” scheduled to hit the sonic battlegrounds on October 6, 2023, under the banner of Steamhammer / SPV.

In an era where modern metal acts often teeter between ostentation and authenticity, PRONG has solidified their place with an unswerving down-to-earth ethos, an unwavering tenacity, and a fervent camaraderie with their ardent following. This fervent allegiance has been painstakingly fostered over their momentous 40-year odyssey.

“State of Emergency” isn’t just an album; it’s a triumphant resurrection for the band and a visceral tableau of East Coast ferocity, adorned in the timeless mantle of that quintessential PRONG sound that refuses to bow to the vagaries of time.

The inaugural harbinger of the album’s sonic prowess is the single “Non-Existence.” A flawless microcosm of the album’s auditory essence, it unfurls a narrative that PRONG founder Tommy Victor articulates as, “‘Non-Existence,’ complete with its pervasive techno-style guitar noise that is omnipresent throughout this opus, serves as a retrospective nod to ‘Rude Awakening.'”

As the voice of PRONG’s revered experience spanning decades in the vanguard of the global heavy metal panorama, Tommy Victor, along with the band, embraces a visionary’s foresight, fathoming the unseen terrain that beckons. It’s this very prescience that fuels their unrelenting creation of a musical recipe that fuses the elemental forces of punk, metal, post-punk noise, doom, blues, and thrash, amalgamating into the signature PRONG resonance that defies classification.

Victor charts the sonic trajectory of the eleven opuses that form the core of “State of Emergency,” stating, “It’s intrinsically ‘PRONG.’ This album transcends genres, flouting the current zeitgeist and forging its path.”

Addressing his artistic philosophy, he expounds, “My musical affinity is diverse. This record is a vivid manifestation of that diversity, traversing a myriad of dimensions. Yet, at its core, ‘State of Emergency’ remains guitar-centric, emblematic of my signature style.”

Under the deft craftsmanship of the venerable producer Steve Evetts (known for his hand in shaping acts like Sepultura and The Dillinger Escape Plan), “State of Emergency” unfurls its magnetic tapestry, oscillating from the post-punk cadence of “Disconnected” to the pulsating energy of the eponymous title track. A reimagining of “Breaking Point,” originally released as a standalone single, bares its soul with candid lyricism and raw defiance. The relentless vigor of “The Descent” is a lightning bolt of a classic rager, while “Back (NYC)” offers an experimental fusion of sonic aesthetics, channeling the hypothetical convergence of Jimmy Page’s prowess through Dimebag’s amplifiers, all while Henry Rollins lends his vocal fire to the concoction.

The grand finale comes in the form of a cover, a homage to the legendary RUSH. “‘Working Man,'” says Victor with reverence, “is a salutation to the first power trio I witnessed live – RUSH. It’s raw in its simplicity and unrelenting in its heaviness. The lyrics hold a special place in my heart. We decided to slow it down, infuse it with an altered tempo, and I genuinely believe we have done justice to this masterpiece.”

As the tracklist unfurls, the sonic journey unravels:

  1. The Descent
  2. State of Emergency
  3. Breaking Point
  4. Non-Existence
  5. Light Turns Black
  6. Who Told Me
  7. Obeisance
  8. Disconnected
  9. Compliant
  10. Back (NYC)
  11. Working Man (RUSH Cover)

The heartbeat of “State of Emergency” will resound across various formats, as it’s set to manifest on CD, LP, digital streams, and digital downloads through Steamhammer / SPV on the pivotal date of October 6, 2023.

Amidst the clamor of anticipation, the imminent release of “State of Emergency” arrives hand in hand with PRONG’s impending headline tour, followed by a series of November dates across Europe in collaboration with Life of Agony.

PRONG European Tour 2023:

PRONG Embarks on a Journey Alongside LIFE OF AGONY in 2023

01.11. DE-Cologne – Carlswerk Victoria 03.11. DK-Copenhagen – Pumpehuset 04.11. SE-Gothenburg – Brewhouse 06.11. NO-Oslo – John Dee 07.11. SE-Stockholm – Slagt Kyrkan 09.11. DE-Leipzig – Täubchenthal 10.11. CZ-Brno – Freda 11.11. SK-Kosice – Colosseum 13.11. AT-Linz – Posthof 14.11. AT-Graz – PPC 15.11. AT-Innsbruck – Olympia World 17.11. BE-Ghent – Vooruit 18.11. NL-Klokgebouw – Helldorado Festival

As the imminent resonance of “State of Emergency” heralds its arrival, the heavy metal realm braces for an epoch-making chapter in the ongoing saga of PRONG’s auditory conquest.

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