Exploring the Enigmatic Appeal of Addison Rae’s “Forgotten Melodies”

by Barbara

Initially gaining notoriety as TikTok’s occasional purveyor of cringe-worthy dance routines, Addison Rae’s transformation into a luminary of intrigue for a segment of hyper-connected Gen Z aficionados, wryly detached denizens of Twitter’s post-irony realm, fervent enthusiasts of infectious melodies, and even the enclaves of the Bushwick art scene, has been nothing short of remarkable. Beyond her dancing repertoire, Rae’s cast-aside musical creations have surreptitiously maneuvered through the digital alleys of the internet, amassing an improbable following among those privy to this esoteric auditory domain. This week, these elusive tracks appear poised to emerge from obscurity, entering the mainstream streaming arena in an official unveiling.

Dedicated fans astutely discerned the discreet removal of Rae’s leaked demos from YouTube, and on the 14th of August, a Monday marked by anticipation, Rae, having secured her position under the aegis of Warner Records, disseminated a tantalizing revelation across her platforms. “Dug up a few of the leaks from the lost album,” she coyly announced, appending the exciting news that “AR” is scheduled for release on the 18th of August.

At present, the 22-year-old influencer stands tall as a premier emblem of the bubblegum resonance that pervaded the TikTok diaspora during the pandemic-stricken epoch. Earning distinction as the highest-grossing creator on the platform, a feat acknowledged by Forbes in August of 2020, Rae, a native of Louisiana, evokes comparisons with her fellow luminary from the Bayou State, Britney Spears. Her formative years were immersed in spirited dance competitions across the nation before her sojourn to Los Angeles, a transition that emboldened her pursuit of TikTok stardom. Her ascent was meteoric, propelling her into the stratosphere of Kardashian camaraderie and street style that courts the paparazzi’s lens.

Yet, as is customary with such rapid ascension, backlash followed. A particularly controversial appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon drew censure, as Rae executed the TikTok routines that had become her hallmark without due credit to their (often Black) originators. Rae, however, adroitly recalibrated her trajectory, distancing herself from the TikTok landscape and embracing a burgeoning acting career, notably featuring in the upcoming film “Animal Friends” alongside luminaries like Ryan Reynolds, Jason Momoa, and Aubrey Plaza, all the while harboring ambitions in the realm of music.

Her inaugural foray materialized in March of 2018, marked by the release of her sole official single, “Obsessed.” A composition described by writer Bradley Stern as a “delightfully self-assured, seductively monotone, reminiscent of Selena Gomez, breathy pop anthem,” this audacious sonic creation initially encountered the ubiquitous skepticism that often accompanies such ventures. In Rae’s own words, “Some people don’t like the track, some people don’t like the lyrics. Some people didn’t like that it was me singing it!” However, resilience defines her spirit as she states, “It’s nothing to take too heart to heart, because I mean, people only think of me what they want to, and that’s just how I’ve kind of accepted that.” She further iterated, “But I do know that the people that do enjoy it, that makes me super excited too. Because there are a lot of people that love it and support me.”

Among the early champions of her craft, Charli XCX emerges, evidenced by her reiteration of Rae’s announcement and her encomium that describes Rae’s oeuvre as a “cult classic.” Adding to this tapestry of endorsement, Shygirl, the revered British rapper and fashion savant, also aligns herself as an enthusiast. While it’s inevitable that any influencer seeking to traverse the path of artistic substance encounters tribulation, there exists a burgeoning excitement that transcends mere irony. The nascent surge of enthusiasm reverberating around Rae’s endeavors stems, in no small part, from the aura of the “lost tracks” that Rae has summoned from the depths for this imminent release.

The earworm-like allure of “I Got It Bad,” a composition that first graced listeners’ ears in the summer of 2021, catalyzed a shift in Rae’s fortunes. This was followed by the intrigue of a snippet leak featuring Rae reportedly covering “Nothing On (But the Radio),” a demo whose inception, though co-authored and recorded by the inimitable Lady Gaga, was never afforded official release. Addressing speculation about her vocal contribution, Rae’s response to paparazzi inquiries was succinct: “It is.” Unperturbed as she may seem, Rae remains the epicenter of fervent fascination. Gradually, an array of “lost” tracks permeated the digital realm, among them “2 Die 4,” “U Had It Coming,” “Could Have. Been U,” “Love Hate Miss,” “Chords That Cry,” and “Mess Over U.”

A July 2021 interview with Variety hinted at Rae’s endeavors, revealing her concerted effort on a four-track EP. Notably, this collection entailed collaborations with the songwriters and producers responsible for “Obsessed,” names of considerable repute in the pop domain—Sarah Hudson, Madison Love, Tia Scola, Leland, Benny Blanco, and Blake Slatkin among them. The continued exuberance of pop’s zenith, intertwined with the steadfast influence of hyper pop à la Sophie and A.G. Cook that has left an indelible mark on projects as monumental as Beyoncé’s Renaissance, forms the backdrop against which Rae’s resurgence unfurls. There’s an extra layer of intrigue underpinning the nascent “Rae-assaince.” Is it her reverence for the lauded producer Arca? Could it be her imperturbable demeanor beneath the watchful gaze of millions—or perhaps even her audacious pairing of leg warmers with kitten heels? Addison Rae occupies a unique quadrant within the tapestry of the universe, and this uniqueness remains refreshingly unforeseeable.

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