Chapel Hart Brings Country Music Magic to Johnston Performance

by Barbara
Chapel Hart

Country music trio Chapel Hart, celebrated for earning unanimous acclaim from all judges during the 17th season of “America’s Got Talent,” is scheduled to perform in Johnston this Saturday. This marks their sixth performance in the CSRA region, showcasing their strong ties with local audiences.

During an interview with NewsChannel 6, Kim Vickers spoke with the trio about their enduring connection to the area. “We’ve been together since 2018. But I also feel like… I say sometimes I feel like Chapel Hart started before we realized it. Because, you know, Danica and Devin are sisters and I’m their favorite cousin. So we’ve all… we’ve been together pretty much our entire lives,” shared Trea Swindle.

Raised on Gospel and country music, their love for the genre’s classic era continues to influence their music today. “We were all pretty much raised on 90s country and kind of the old school country feel,” explained Trea Swindle. “That’s just what comes out,” added Danica Hart.

“Yeah. So it just, I think that it just kind of naturally just came out that way, especially the things that we were writing about. Writing about growing up in Poplarville and being, you know, just kind of falling in love and getting our heart broken,” agreed Devynn Hart.

Despite lacking formal music training, Chapel Hart’s decades-long passion for singing drives their music. “We may never make it to the top of the radio charts or whatever. But, you know, to say that you got a song in your heart and you can write it down and you show up at a show and people are singing it back to you. That is a feeling that you will never – it’ll never get old and we’ll always be grateful for it,” expressed Devynn.

In 2022, Chapel Hart captivated audiences on “America’s Got Talent” with their original song, “You Can Have Him Jolene,” a response to Dolly Parton’s classic. “She had on a t-shirt that said ‘You can have him, signed Jolene,’ And I thought, ‘Who does that heifer think she is? How are you going to take my man and then tell me I can have him back.’ And I said, ‘How about you can just… how about you can have him Jolene?'” laughed Devynn.

Even before their breakout moment, Chapel Hart performed in the CSRA, expressing their fondness for the area. “It’s always the people, like those people in that area, it feels like Poplarville, our hometown. And being on the road, it’s always good to find those little places that feel like home, so that being gone as much, it doesn’t make it so hard,” shared Danica.

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