Martin Popoff’s “Hallowed Be Thy Name: The Iron Maiden Bible” to Release in October

by Patria
Hallowed Be Thy Name: The Iron Maiden Bible

Schiffer Publishing has announced the release of Martin Popoff’s highly anticipated new book, “Hallowed Be Thy Name: The Iron Maiden Bible,” set for publication on October 28th. This comprehensive volume promises an exhilarating exploration of the storied career of Iron Maiden, one of heavy metal’s most iconic bands.

Popoff, a renowned music critic and journalist, offers readers an unprecedented look into Iron Maiden’s history. Leveraging exclusive access to band members, managers, and rare archives, Popoff chronicles the band’s rise from the gritty clubs of East London to the grand stages of arenas and festivals worldwide. Iron Maiden’s journey is depicted as one of unwavering resilience, boundless creativity, and steadfast dedication.

The book delves into the band’s music, electrifying stage performances, and the legendary figure of Eddie, their undead mascot. Readers will uncover the stories behind all of Iron Maiden’s albums, from early works like Killers and The Number of the Beast to Powerslave and their latest release, Senjutsu, including all solo projects. Popoff also examines the controversies and victories that have defined the band’s career.

“Hallowed Be Thy Name: The Iron Maiden Bible” explores the band’s evolving lineup, detailing the transition from original vocalist Paul Di’Anno to the arrival of Bruce Dickinson and subsequent changes. The book goes beyond mere biography, offering insights into the conceptual richness of Iron Maiden’s music. It dissects song themes, lyric inspirations, and the band’s profound influence on numerous artists and fans alike.

This publication is poised to be a definitive guide for both long-time Iron Maiden enthusiasts and new fans, providing a deep and engaging narrative of the band’s monumental legacy.

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