FELICITY Announces New Single “Nights In Your Bed” to Release on June 25

by Patria

FELICITY is excited to unveil their latest single, “Nights In Your Bed,” set for release on June 25 via Zodhiac Records. The band describes the track as a blend of the emotional depth found in The Notebook and Twilight, mixed with the musical influences of Fall Out Boy and Dave Grohl.

The song delves into the poignant realization that some relationships, whether friendships or romances, are best left as cherished memories. FELICITY aims to capture the turmoil of this realization, exploring themes of heartbreak, the cyclical nature of love, and the ephemeral nature of passion. “Nights In Your Bed” encapsulates the urgency of acknowledging uncomfortable truths and the struggle to move forward.

“‘Nights In Your Bed’ is an extremely personal song for us, and the writing process was very therapeutic,” the band shared. “Many of us experienced heartbreak this past year, and crafting this song allowed us to turn our pain into poetry and heartache into harmony. While all good things must come to an end, we are grateful to have this song forever.”

FELICITY is known for their pure rock ‘n’ roll energy, anthemic hooks, and melodic riffs. Their rise to fame has been fueled by hits like “Emo Trash,” and other popular tracks such as “Levitate,” “GOD MODE,” and “Kill ‘Em All.” Their music has garnered attention from music enthusiasts and industry insiders, with features on platforms like idobi Radio, The Honey Pop, Loudwire’s Weekly Wire, and Spotify’s Fresh Finds Rock playlist. Their recent single “CHARLIE SHEEN,” featuring Jon Lundin of Point North, even caught the attention of its namesake, actor Charlie Sheen.

In addition to their musical success, FELICITY has built a strong community through their creative and often comedic social media presence. They recently surpassed 138.1K followers on TikTok with 1.9M likes. Fans are entertained by videos of the band playing their music in stores without permission, attempting to buy their own merch at places like Walmart, and hosting impromptu concerts in Lowe’s.

FELICITY has also been active on the road, headlining their own shows and supporting Between You & Me on their spring US tour. They recently performed on the main stage at the So What?! Music Festival, further cementing their place in the rock music scene.

Mark your calendars for June 25 to experience the heartfelt and introspective “Nights In Your Bed” by FELICITY, a song that promises to resonate deeply with listeners.

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