Dolly Parton Announces Broadway Musical About Her Life

by Patria
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Country music legend Dolly Parton has revealed plans to develop a Broadway musical based on her life, titled “Hello, I’m Dolly.” The announcement was made as she opened CMA Fest in Nashville on Thursday.

The musical, named after Parton’s first studio album released in 1967, is set to premiere in 2026. Addressing her fans, the 78-year-old star expressed her excitement about the project. “Very excited about that, so you’ll get to know all my life up to now, and it’s not a jukebox musical,” she said.

Parton shared that she has been writing the script, music, and lyrics for the show for several years. “I tried for years, how to do my life story and make it make sense,” she told the crowd.

In a press release, she elaborated, “I’ve written many original songs for the show and included all your favorites in it as well. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll clap, you’ll stomp, it truly is a Grand Ol’ Opera. Pun and fun intended. Don’t miss it.”

The upcoming Broadway show will be distinct from the West End jukebox musical “Here You Come Again,” which features Parton’s songs and is currently touring in England.

In addition to the musical, Parton announced two other ventures at CMA Fest. She is launching a wine range called Dolly Wines, which will be available from July and include sparkling wines, a rosé, and a Chardonnay.

Furthermore, Parton confirmed the opening of the Songteller Hotel and Museum in Nashville. The museum will showcase clothing items and artifacts from her six-decade-long career and will be situated next to a hotel. “I’ve always wanted a hotel here in Nashville and a museum here,” she said. The Songteller is also the name of Parton’s 2020 autobiography.

With these exciting projects, Dolly Parton continues to expand her remarkable legacy, offering fans new ways to experience her extraordinary life and career.

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