Apocalyptica Announces Final Single from Apocalyptica Plays Metallica, Vol. 2

by Patria

Apocalyptica is excited to announce the release of the fourth and final single from their highly anticipated album, Apocalyptica Plays Metallica, Vol. 2. The track, “The Call of Ktulu,” coincides with the album’s release and follows the success of the previous three singles: “The Four Horsemen,” “The Unforgiven II,” and “One.” Notably, “The Call of Ktulu” features the legendary Metallica bassist Cliff Burton.

Apocalyptica Plays Metallica Vol. 2 continues the journey that began in 1996 when the cellists from Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy paid symphonic tribute to Metallica. This ninth album marks a return to their roots, featuring surprise appearances from Metallica members James Hetfield and Rob Trujillo. The album’s highlight is “The Call of Ktulu,” which includes the original bassline by Cliff Burton, who tragically died in a tour bus accident in 1986.

Apocalyptica’s version of “The Call of Ktulu,” originally from Metallica’s 1984 album Ride The Lightning, is more than just a reimagining. It represents a resounding endorsement from Metallica and Cliff Burton’s family, serving as a tribute to the bassist’s enduring legacy.

“I’ve learned in life that if you have crazy ideas it’s always worth asking, so I called Lars!” says Apocalyptica founder Eicca Toppinen. “He was like, ‘I love that you guys always think outside of the box!’ James loved the idea, and I met one of Cliff’s close relatives and she did, too. It was a spiritual experience working on this. We wanted to treat this with honor and maximum respect, and it was magical to have people so close to Cliff say that he would have loved it.”

Apocalyptica Plays Metallica Vol. 2 was produced by longtime collaborator Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, Tool) and will be released on June 7th via Throwdown Entertainment.


Ride the Lightning
St. Anger
The Unforgiven II
The Call of Ktulu (in memory of Cliff Burton)
The Four Horsemen (ft. Rob Trujillo)
Holier Than Thou
To Live Is To Die
One (ft. James Hetfield)
One (Instrumental)

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