Steve Hackett and InsideOutMusic Announce Reissues of Classical Catalogue

by Patria
Steve Hackett

Legendary rock guitarist Steve Hackett and InsideOutMusic have announced the reissues of his classical catalogue, set to commence in August 2024 with the albums “Bay Of Kings” and “Momentum.” Alongside this announcement, they have unveiled a video trailer showcasing these special reissues.

Steve Hackett expressed his excitement about the reissues, stating, “My love for classical guitar found expression in both ‘Bay of Kings’ and ‘Momentum,’ revealing a different facet of the instrument. These albums marked a departure from Rock ‘n Roll, embodying a more romantic and personal approach, elements that had already been hinted at in both Genesis music and my solo endeavors. I am delighted that these albums are being reintroduced to the world.”

Originally released in 1983, “Bay Of Kings” stands as Hackett’s inaugural album of instrumental, classical guitar music, featuring contributions from Nick Magnus and John Hackett.

“Momentum,” released in 1988, showcases Steve Hackett’s talent in crafting beautiful compositions, with additional contributions from his brother John Hackett on flute.

Both albums have undergone new remastering for vinyl and will be presented as Gatefold 180g LP’s, available in both standard black and limited colored vinyl editions. Additionally, new digipak CD editions will also be offered to fans and collectors alike.

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