L.A. Guns Announced with Cleopatra Records for New Album Release

by Patria
L.A. Guns

L.A. Guns, the legendary hard rock band, has announced an exciting new partnership with the esteemed indie label, Cleopatra Records, marking a significant milestone in their storied career. Lead vocalist Phil Lewis and founder/guitarist Tracii Guns are poised to lead the band into a new era, building upon the momentum that began in 2016 and continues to captivate their devoted fanbase.

The upcoming studio album, eagerly awaited by fans, represents the first collaboration between L.A. Guns and Cleopatra Records, renowned for its diverse artist lineup and innovative music production. This union comes at a pivotal moment for the band, blending classic members with fresh talent to create an album that pays homage to their legacy while venturing into exciting new musical territories.

Brian Perera, owner of Cleopatra Records, expressed his enthusiasm for welcoming L.A. Guns back into the fold, highlighting the deep-rooted connection that spans decades. “I’m thrilled to have L.A. Guns back home,” he remarked, emphasizing the celebration of their shared history and the promising future ahead.

Tracii Guns echoed this sentiment, reminiscing about his long-standing partnership with Brian dating back to the ’80s and expressing renewed excitement for the band’s creative journey with Cleopatra Records. “Coming back to Brian and Cleopatra’s creative environment really feels like coming home now 40 years later,” Tracii remarked, signaling a vibrant chapter ahead for L.A. Guns.

Fans can anticipate more updates about the album and upcoming tour by following both the band’s and label’s social media channels.

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