Southern Tier Music Fest Thrives in Sidney for Second Consecutive Year

by Barbara

For the second consecutive year, the Southern Tier Music Fest brought vibrant country music and local culture to Sidney. The festival kicked off at 2 p.m., featuring performances from seven country music artists, headlined by national recording artist Nate Smith.

Concertgoers enjoyed the event’s lively atmosphere, sampling offerings from several local food trucks and sponsoring breweries.

Alyssa Crosby, a former “The Voice” contestant and the event’s emcee, highlighted the significance of providing a platform for local musicians. “These musicians have worked hard for so many years, and it’s such an inspiring thing to see them on a big stage like this opening for an amazing national act and just kind of showcasing their talent and their hard work to their community,” Crosby said.

According to organizers, the festival attracted between two to three thousand attendees, surpassing last year’s turnout.

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